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Rehnuma Trust is a volunteer, not for profit organization focusing locally in a slum area known as Sherpao Basti and nationally when a natural disaster strikes. The volunteers provide a number of services to the community including: Rescue and relief, Rehabilitation and development, Education, Healthcare, Community services, Nurturing the unprivileged

The vision of Rehnuma Trust is to ensure that every child of Shairpau Basti has access to quality education, so that they may break the cycle of poverty which prevails in our society. The goal is lofty, however the trustees of Rehnuma have complete faith that they will deliver with the support of God and his people. The trust believes that education is the key for the future prosperity of our country. As Malala says, "Education First."

The impact of education in any society is clear. Education creates opportunities, fosters growth and improves the country's GDP. In Rehnuma, we firmly believe in the concept of "pay it forward." The children we educate today will reward the future generations by making Pakistan a stronger, more stable and more prosperous country.

The time is at hand for us to take decisive action against the plague of ignorance. For if we fail now, the young and helpless generation will be cradled by unemployment and nursed by a failing civic society leading them to a life of poverty, instability and the fostering of malfeasance.

The Rehnuma Trust firmly believes that education is the solution to all our current civil problems. The Trust is also a strong proponent gender equality in our society. We take measures in our daily activities with our students to enable our girls to stand next to the boys as equals and become active, educated and productive global citizens.

Over the past few years Pakistan has endured several natural disasters; the devastating earthquake in NWFP and Kashmir, the floods in Sindh and Baluchistan, IDPs from Swat and the Tsunami in Gawadar.

Trustees of the Rehnuma Trust personally visited the affected areas, assessed the conditions and devised a plan of rehabilitation. The first priority is always to meet the urgent requirements such as medicine, food, tents, water coolers, lanterns and blankets. To further the rehabilitation process, foremost activities are to connect fresh water lines, provide wood cutting machines for building shelters and sewing machines to enable sustainable livelihood.

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