Rescue and relief

Rehnuma approaches this challenge by having immediate step to prevent further loss of life from the flood waters. Second was to relocate victims to safer areas.

Rehabilitation and Dev.

Rehnuma Trust caters them their own shelters or re-build their destroyed homes, to be self-sustained and not need to depend on charity to survive.


Since 2002, the Rehnuma Trust has been running a schooling program for children from a local slum area known as the Sherpao Basti.


Rehnuma Trust also has a major role in healthcare sector where it keeps on conducting Medical camps for the deserving ones at 100% free of cost.

Community services

Rehnuma Trust Skills Valley’s platform, people will learn to enhance their skills and abilities by our professional trainers to make their life better.

Nurturing the unverprv.

Rehnuma Trust offers vocational training for the women and girls to increase their skills in sewing, embroidery and other domestic skills which will boost them.