Children's education

Since 2002, the Rehnuma Trust has been running a schooling program for children from a local slum area known as the Sherpao Basti. This area is situated in the middle of an affluent area, but is rife with poverty, drugs abused children and battered woman.

The trustees of Rehnuma recognizing the need for change and started a small operation running out of a rental unit with two rooms.

Since then, with the backing of a proven track record of changing lives and with the help of donations, Rehnuma has built a permanent school which has over 600 children enrolled. This facility is a four story building and is centrally located in the basti thus enabling ease of access.

With the future in mind, the building has seventeen classrooms enabling the potential for continued growth. The school is staffed by qualified professional teachers and administrators. The children are required to pay a token (engagement) fee of Rs 100/- ($1 USD) per month and receive a 50% discount on all their materials (books, stationary and uniforms). All of this has been achieved by the tireless efforts over the last decade by Rehnuma's trustees and its’ dedicated patrons.