Rehabilitation and Devevelopment

Floor relief and rehabilitation

In the history of Pakistan, the 2010 flood was the worst in 80 years. Around 20 million people were affected; entire villages were washed away, with people losing their homes many lives and livelihood.

Besides the immediate impact, the flood also crippled the agricultural based economy, destroying crops as it ploughed through the fields. The sheer number of people affected and the geographic span of the disaster made providing help extremely challenging.

Rehnuma approached this challenge by breaking their activities into five steps. The first and and most immediate step was to prevent further loss of life from the flood waters. Second was to relocate victims to safer areas.

The third was to provide the necessities: food, drinking water, clothes and medicine. The fourth step was to provide them their own shelters or re-build their destroyed homes, and the fifth and final step was to start long term rehabilitations by providing investment into the community which would enable them to be self-sustained and not need to depend on charity to survive.

To ensure maximum effectiveness, Rehnuma Trust has fostered term standing relationship of cooperation with other well established NGOs (SHADOW, WMO, Bali Memorial Trust) leveraging scale to reach out to as many people as possible.