Rescue and Relief

Emergency disaster relief

Outside of the Sherpao Basti, Rehnuma also plays a major role in the relief efforts post natural disasters in Pakistan. In the past Rehnuma has built shelters, homes and medical facilities for people who have been ravaged by floods and earthquakes which have recently plagued Pakistan.

Rehnuma works with a vast network of other NGOs and co-ordinates with federal institutions to enable access to the worst of the stricken areas. The trustees personally visit a disaster area to ascertain the immediate and the long term needs of the community.

Disaster relief activity

Earthquake of October 2005: Rehnuma Trust was present when the earthquake affected people were being identified and helped by the people of Pakistan's NGO's and Government Organizations. They visited all the areas personally, city after city, town after town, and mountain after mountain.

Rehnuma Trust helped people living in remote areas, as they tried to fulfill their needs to the best of their ability, and stood with them to face the unfortunate and painful situation. Rehnuma Trust workers personally visited cities from Mansehra to Kaghan, Nelum to Bagh, as well as Islamabad.

The workers were able to provide the victims of the earthquake with food, tents, water, medicine and later even built shelters for them. The devastation of the affected areas was very high, therefore the trust representatives immediately dispatched to the location to meet the people and to analyze the situation. They arranged medical camps for the injured, provided masonry work for their destroyed homes, provided shelters, repaired their broken water lines, and provided transport to seriously injured people to shift them into major city hospitals.

The trust also provided wood cutting machines to people who were living on the peak of the mountains enabling them to get rid of fallen and broken debris and also help them to cut wood to rebuild their effected shelters. The Trust provided portable X-Ray machines and bone drill machines to medical teams and hospitals (PIMS & Bali Memorial) for immediate treatment of the injured victims. Once the situation become more stable, the trust embarked on long term rehabilitation by constructing shelters for widows and poor people with the help of Umar Asghar Foundation.